Geographically located in the East African region, Kenya has recently become the business hub of Africa. Much of its economic development is due to good governance. However, the country has witnessed tremendous growth thanks to its trade practices and international connectivity. Today Kenya is home to some of the biggest shipping companies that allow businesses to connect efficiently with local and international consumers. As the industry becomes more competitive, you may feel overwhelmed selecting a freight forwarding partner. The one that provides customized solutions and responds quickly to any requirements. To help you identify such service providers, AFRIKTA has compiled a list of the top clearing and freight forwarding companies in Kenya to consider for your next shipping project.

Best Top Clearing and Forwarding Companies in Kenya

1. Freight Forwarders Kenya

For over 88 years, Freight Forwarders Kenya has ruled the logistics industry and provided optimized, simplified supply chain solutions in East and central Africa. Also known as Freight Forwarders Group, it offers end-to-end logistics services to clients in diverse industries. What makes Freight Forwarders Kenya one of the top clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya is that whatever your shipping requirements are, they have the tools and resources to assist you. With a long list of happy clents and a vast experience in customs clearance, Freight Forwarders Kenya has positioned itself as one of the best local outfits trusted by international clients.

2. CEVA Logistics Kenya

With dedicated supply chain experts, CEVA provides customers and prospects with unrivaled logistics services and solutions within the continent and beyond. On January 1st, 2021, CEVA Logistics acquired AMI and Manica in various African countries. Such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Botswana. They have a huge customer base of happy customers. So, you can be assured that your shipping project will go smoothly and will always be a top priority.

3. Perseus Forwarders Kenya

Excellence is what drives customers to choose Perseus Forwarders Kenya. With over 15 years of experience, Perseus Forwarders specializes in moving freight across the East African region. As one of the top best clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya, the company contributes to the business success of each of its customers, ensuring the timely arrival of cargo. Perseus Forwarders also provides customs and project freight management services in Mombasa, Kenya, and DR Congo. The ability to accommodate the requirements of both local and international clients is an essential component of Perseus approach to providing world-class logistics services.

4. Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited

Based in Nairobi, Sheffield Cargo Logistics is a full-service provider of import and export services, including air freight, sea freight, and customs clearance. What sets Sheffield apart in the logistics marketplace is its focus and dedicated customer service. They have grown over time, offering customers in the East African region and beyond a broad range of logistics services. Today the company is among the top clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya. They impact clients’ trade and improves the way they do business locally or globally.

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5. Kentex Cargo Ship from USA to Kenya

Kentex Cargo is one of the few companies registered in Kenya and the USA. With the TSA and IATA certifications, KenTex is qualified to handle goods and packages between the two regions flawlessly. Shipping goods from the USA to Kenya can be challenging. But KenTex Cargo has been making air and sea shipment simpler, safer, and more affordable than ever. Through Kentex Cargo, you can order anything from any US retailer and have it shipped to Kenya. Kentex Cargo is one of Kenya’s top clearing and forwarding companies. It allows Kenyan consumers to shop on American websites like eBay and Amazon without having to leave the country.

6. Rolling Cargo Limited

Rolling Cargo Ltd provides fast, secure, and reliable air and sea cargo delivery. For any customs clearance in Kenya, Rolling Cargo is an ideal option thanks to the support of 200 experienced and highly qualified staffs.  Moreover, they have a great working relationship with carriers, customs, terminals, and other local agencies. Rolling Cargo is one of the top freight forwarders that strives to offer you first-rate clearing and freight forwarding services while delivering on time.

7. Globalfreight Logistics Ltd

Since 1977, GlobalFreight Logistics Ltd has offered solutions to help the regional freight industry overcome its logistical challenges. Their services and out-of-the-box problem-solving solutions combined with a vast experience of over 40 years make Globalfreight Logistics Ltd the leader in the industry nowadays. Their teams are the best at comprehending the difficulties faced by the local and global logistics landscape. They are well-equipped to handle your needs in a way that will make you glad. Globalfreight always strives for the timely and safe delivery of your cargo.

8. Golden Gate Cargo Services Ltd

As the leading cargo company in Kenya, Golden Gate offers safe, credible, convenient, and pocket-friendly cargo logistics solutions from anywhere in your world to your doorsteps in Kenya. Their services include door-to-door air freight, customs clearance, warehousing, pick and delivery, specialized foreign sourcing and procurement, inland transportation, and more. Golden Gate Cargo has a qualified staff and operates a sophisticated warehousing system that ensures your cargo is dispatched and delivered on time.

9. Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Line Agency

Salihiya Cargo was founded in 2004 to offer transportation, customs clearing, and freight forwarding services in the East African regions. The company’s headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. From whence commodities are sent to their appropriate locations after being received from all over the world. Additionally, Salihiya Cargo offers complete charter flights from Dubai to Kenya’s Eldoret Airport and ocean freight to Mombasa. The company’s entire infrastructure including its systems, services, facilities, and workforce was largely created in direct response to the transportation requirements in East Africa.

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10. Aquantuo Kenya

Aquantuo Kenya is a global shipping firm that provides the best shipping services from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and China to Kenya and Africa at competitive rates. The company offers specialized one-stop freight services by land, air, and sea. Both small and large organizations, as well as individuals, can use their freight services. The Aquantuo team is highly qualified and meticulous in providing fast, dependable, and secure shipping to Africa.

To conclude, freight forwarding services are growing more significant in the modern world. Because they make it easier for companies to move cargos and goods without worrying about the shipment and clearance process. The above list of clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya are the leaders in the industry. Because they offer top-notch services using cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled workforce.

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