Are you looking for the best shipping companies in Angola for your business? If you are a seasoned importer, exporter, or simply navigating the logistics landscape, you should know how important it is to have a reliable shipping partner. It is a choice that can really impact your operational efficiency and your customer satisfaction. In other words, it can make or break your business. Moving goods by sea from one continent to another is known to be more stressful than getting divorced or having a baby. However, it is safer and more cost-effective than air freight. At AFRIKTA, we have combined a list of the top shipping companies in Angola to help you make an informed decision.

Top shipping companies in Angola

1. Maersk Angola Lda

Maersk Angola Lda is an expert in shipping standard, refrigerated, and oversized cargo to any destination globally. Since 1998, the company has been connecting Angolan businesses to the world through its vast ocean fleet. They cover all the major ports in Angola with regular mainline and feeder vessels. With Maersk, you can easily book your cargo and get instant confirmation within seconds. You will also have greater visibility of sailing options, available vessel space, and a list of depots with empty containers with relevant value-added services.

Address: Rua major Kanhangulo, Luanda – Contact: +244 226425515 – Email:


CMA CGM Angola is a leading provider of maritime transport services to Africa. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has become one of the top shipping companies in Angola, focused on logistics and containerized transportation. CMA CGM Angola currently serves four ports of call-in total. In addition to maritime transport, the company offers inland solutions for the domestic market and neighboring countries. The company has four agencies in major cities: Luanda, Lobito, Namibe, and Cabinda. Moreover, it is part of the CMA CGM Group, a French multinational corporation with over 150,000 employees globally, operating in more than 160 countries, providing sea, land, air, and logistics solutions.

Address: Rua Frederico, Luanda – Contact: +244 222 695 802 – Email:

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3. Dynamic Shipping Overseas, Lda

Dynamic Shipping Overseas, Lda is a shipping company based in Angola, and its team comprises highly experienced professionals. The company provides services for all types of vessels such as containers, car carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, project cargo, Navy, tugboats, supply boats, barges, Rigs, FPSO, etc. Its service network is available in Angola’s main ports – Luanda, Lobito, Namibe, Cabinda, and Soyo. The company is also ready to provide services at Porto Amboim, Dande SpoolBase, and Porto do Ambriz when requested. To ensure customers are satisfied, the company monitors all service communications from its Luanda office, providing constant updates on the progress of all operations.

Address: Bairro Maculusso, Luanda, Angola – Contact: +244 995 915 524 –

4. Quality Maritime Provider

Quality Maritime Provider is a highly regarded ship agency that provides top-notch international services across various fields at competitive prices. They have a team of more than 20 professionals available round the clock to assist you with all your business needs. In addition to their corporate office in Luanda, they also have representative offices in Lobito, Namibe, and Soyo. They possess extensive knowledge of line-ups and special requirements and are well-versed in trade and cargo requirements. Their vast network offers many benefits, including local expertise that helps to reduce costs, efficient turnaround times, bespoke solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, and global standards implemented locally.

Address: 37, Dr Jose Perreira, Luanda – Contact: +244 923 327 050 – Email:

5. Africa Global Logistics Angola

Africa Global Logistics Angola is a company that specializes in providing logistics and freight forwarding services. The company operates from three hubs in Lobito, Soyo, and Cabinda and has offices in 49 countries globally. With a workforce of 23,000 employees, Africa Global Logistics Angola is committed to efficiently connecting Africa to the rest of the world. The company has contributed to Angola’s socio-economic development for over a decade by offering customized logistics solutions such as customs clearance, transport, and warehousing. Their teams are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and innovative technology to provide customers with tailored logistics solutions.

Address: Estrada de Cacuaco nº 288, Luanda, Angola – Contact: +244 222 015 730

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6. Globeco Angola

Globeco Angola offers ship chandling services for offshore projects and merchant vessels calling at Angolan and Namibian ports. With 20 years of experience, they provide a wide range of products and services at the ports of Soyo, Barra de Dande, Luanda, Porto Amboim, and Lobito. They work with clients to offer practical solutions for sourcing, procurement, expediting, inspection, consolidation of shipments, export packaging, transportation services, importation, and delivery. Their logistics procedures ensure you receive the right product at the right time and place. With Globeco, you no longer need different suppliers and forwarders, saving you time, effort, and money.

Address: Rua de Kacagil, Luanda, Angola – Email: – Contact: +244 222 785 145

7. Cabship

Cabship is a logistics and supply chain management company based in Angola. Since its inception in 2009, the company has been under the management of Angolan professionals with extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. With over 50 material management locations under its management, CABSHIP delivers a comprehensive turn-key solution to meet the complex operational needs of its clients. The company is part of the Global Logistics Network (GLN), with access to 536 offices in 136 countries worldwide. That allows CABSHIP to offer efficient logistics services to clients worldwide.

Address: Rua Gago Coutinho, Cabinda – ANGOLA – Contact: +244 914 405 926 – Email:

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