Undoubtedly Ivoirian food is one of the best meals in West Africa. As the capital city, Abidjan has awesome places to enjoy very tasty African, European and international food.  Whether you are an expatriate, a tourist or just a businessman visiting Abidjan you will be amazed by the wide variety of tasty meals you can choose from. There are so many nice restaurants in ivory coast that will make love this amazing country more. If you want to find the best restaurants in Abidjan, then look around areas such as Cocody, plateau, Zone 4, etc. However, in this article, we will focus only on Zone 4, which is located in one of the posh areas of the capital city Abidjan.

1. Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan

Physical Location: Boulevard, de Marseille, Zone 4 Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 05 55 55 55

Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan

Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan

Located in zone 4, one of the posh places of the capital city, the Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan offers authentic Lebanese and international cuisines. Additionally, with its huge size and an amazing view of the sea the restaurant is ideal for parties, meeting with friends or spending a great time with family members and relatives. Actually, the Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan Zone 4, welcomes all kind of people including French, Lebanese, Ivorians, Chinese, and various other nationalities and expatriates. It’s a bit expensive compared to other restaurants, but it’s definitively worth it if you are looking for a lifetime experience. One thing unique about Restaurant La Terrasse Abidjan is that they do not serve alcohol.

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2. Di Sorrento Restaurant Abidjan Zone 4

Physical Location: Boulevard de Marseille, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 21 35 57

Di Sorento-Restaurant Abidjan Zone 4

Di Sorrento Abidjan

The restaurant Di Sorrento Abidjan is among the best Italian restaurants in zone 4.  It is a very cozy and friendly restaurant that offers quality eateries at very affordable prices. The food including pizza, beef, salad, fish, lasagna and more are cooked to perfection. Also, the ambiance is excellent and amazing. If you are looking for great Italian food in Abidjan, then you should definitely visit the restaurant Di Sorrento Abidjan. It is quite a simple venue but they provide very good services and tasty foods.

3. La Pagode Abidjan

Physical Location: Boulevard Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 21 35 62

La Pagode-Restaurant Abidjan Zone 4-African food

La Pagode Abidjan

Specialized in Vietnamese cuisines, the restaurant La Pagode Abidjan is one of the hottest Asian restaurants in Abidjan. If you come to Abidjan and fail to visit La Pagode Abidjan, then you have missed big. The restaurant offers various and delicious meals at reasonable prices. The venue is not very big, so it can be full most of the time. However, it’s possible to book before coming. Alternatively, they also do home delivery. The staff is very professional and the chef is awesome.

4. Le Grand Large Abidjan

Physical Location: 149 Bd De Marseille Bietry, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 21 24 21 13

Le Grand Large-Restaurant Abidjan Zone 4

Le Grand Large Abidjan

If you wonder, where to find great seafood in Abidjan, then the restaurant Le Grand Large Abidjan is there for you. It is a French restaurant that offers a variety of tasty meals in a beautiful and sophisticated decor. The place is perfect not only for business or private occasions, but also to spend good time with family and friends. The selection of food and drink is unparalleled in Abidjan. It is a bit pricy but definitely the best value for money when it comes to eateries.

5. Restaurant Le Montparnasse Abidjan

Physical Location: Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 21 34 35 01

Monparnasse-Restaurant Abidjan Zone 4

Restaurant Le Montparnasse Abidjan

Located in the residential areas of the capital, Le Montparnasse Restaurant Abidjan is one of the best restaurants in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. It offers a wide variety of excellent food in a very nice atmosphere. The cuisine is mainly French specialties. Also, the staff and waiters are friendly and very professional. If you are looking for very delicious French meals in the capital city, then you should try the Montparnasse Abidjan. Because you will not be disappointed

6. Le Mechoui Abidjan

Physical Location: Inside Athletic Club, Boulevard de Marseille, Abidjan / Contact: +225 21 24 68 93

Le Mechoui Abidjan

Le Mechoui Abidjan

Another amazing restaurant that offers great Lebanese cuisines located in Zone 4, called Le Mechoui Abidjan. The staff provides a fresh, vibrant and good service to its customers. Also, the restaurant le Mechoui Abidjan is great for friends, couples, and families to have a memorable experience. The menu includes the great mezza as well as the traditional grilled haloumi, fish, mtabel and much more. Being at the Le Mechoui is like being in Lebanon while staying in Abidjan.

7. Restaurant Marrouche Abidjan

Physical Location: Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire / Contact: +225 21 25 52 14

Restaurant Marrouche Abidjan

Restaurant Marrouche Abidjan

Undoubtedly, the Restaurant Marrouche Abidjan is one of the most popular restaurants in Abidjan, ivory coast offering Lebanese meals. That is why, the place can seem crowded most of the time, especially at lunchtime. In case you are looking for a quick sandwich, fast food or typical Lebanese meal, then the Restaurant Marrouche Abidjan is the best option. Additionally, the staff is welcoming, very friendly and offers great services.

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