People have many different ways of helping the less fortunate. While some individuals donate money, others donate time. Some people even decide to move to another continent, such as Africa, to provide more direct assistance. And among those people are charity organizations. Since the pandemic, the African economy has been in a state of decline, and farmers are among the hardest hit. Additionally, in most parts of Africa, farming is the first source of livelihood, and the sector has been struggling for a long time. The primary challenges facing the sector are lack of funding, climate change, and unfavorable policies. Fortunately, diverse charity organizations globally provide agriculture funding opportunities for Africa to overcome these difficulties. Here is a list of the best farming charities that support African farmers, regardless of their origin or color.

The 5 Best Farming Charities That Help African Farmers

1. One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund

As a non-profit social organization established in 2006, One Acre Fund provides smallholder farmers in Africa with access to financial services, quality farm supplies on credit, and training in farm best practices. Since its beginning, One Acre Fund has worked with more than 1 million farmers in rural areas to fight hunger and poverty throughout Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and more.

The organization supports operations and transactions at different levels of the farming value chain. Such as seed sourcing and market support, by taking a market-based approach. In 2020, Farmers who collaborated with One Acre Fund reported 33% more profit than non-participating farmers.

2. Farm Africa

Farm Africa-Best Farming Charities

Farm Africa

The Farm Africa is an agricultural development organization that assists farmers in Africa in fighting hunger and improving people’s lives. Founded in 1985, the organization has helped millions of African farmers up to date in the agricultural sector. They have programs based on the principle that rural smallholder farmers are the key to combating poverty and hunger in Africa.

They also work with African governments and other partners to develop policies and programs that enable smallholder farmers to increase productivity, access markets and improve their livelihoods. With their method, they have helped to increase incomes for participating farmers by as much as 400%.

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3. Self Help Africa

Self Help Africa

Self Help Africa

Fonded in 1984, Self Help Africa is an Irish international development charity with a strong focus on small-scale farming and growing family-farm businesses in Africa. The organization aims to play a vital role in the fight against poverty and inequality by offering grants for small farmers in Africa. Moreover, SHA works with smallholder farmers, groups, and associations across Africa, to tackle poverty and improve the lives of rural communities.

Since its establishment in 1984, the charity has strived to promote sustainable development in rural areas throughout Africa. In 2017, Self Help Africa received the prestigious Award as one of the best farming charities from the president of Ethiopia. The foundation of their work is the development of rural enterprises.

4. Nuru International

Nuru Internartional-Best Farming Charities

Nuru Internartional

Through sustainable agriculture programs, Nuru International helps farmers fight extreme poverty and climate change on the African continent. Additionally, the organization provides grants for agricultural startups in Africa. Founded in 2007 by a former US Marine, Jake Harriman, and supported by angel investors from Silicon Valley, the story of Nuru is one of innovation, adaptation, and impact to help eradicate extreme poverty in African countries. Nuru International currently works in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and the Sahel regions of Africa.

The international organization has received an overall rate of 84.09% from Charity Navigator for the fiscal year 2019. Then a financial rating of 77.50% and a transparency and accountability score of 100%. Committed to helping farmers in Africa build a better future for themselves and end extreme poverty, the charity team works in places. Areas where many other organizations are unable to access or unwilling to do so.

5. TechnoServe


TechnoServe is one of the best farming charities working behind the scenes, primarily in Africa, for decades. It is an international non-profit enterprise that promotes business solutions to African farmers by linking them to information, capital, and markets. Founded in 1968 by the businessman Ed Bullard after his experience volunteering at a hospital in rural Ghana, the organization aims to help poor people by connecting them to information and market opportunities.

Their focus is on collaboration. Also they seek out people who are doing an outstanding job and offer to assist them in improving it. Moreover, TechnoServe made a difference in the lives of over 2.5 million individuals in more than 30 countries by helping their partners generate a combined $315 million in revenue.

How Do You Choose the Best Farming Charities to Support?

At Afrikta, we believe that the organizations on the list are the top ones that help African farmers. You could choose to support any charity you want. It is up to you to decide which one resonates with you the most. And whichever charities you decide to impact with your donation, they will be immensely grateful for it. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the Agricultural NGOs in Africa to support, based on the causes that are most important to you.

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