Kenya is home to various NGOs, including some of the most prestigious and impactful in the world. Landing a job at an NGO can be a confusing and competitive process. But unless you are well-connected in the social impact sector, it can be hard to identify organizations genuinely dedicated to addressing societal challenges and uplifting communities.  It is essential to understand that despite their noble missions, NGOs operate more or less like any other organization. They have a multitude of departments that each require different skills and tasks. Therefore, they need diverse profiles to fill a wide range of positions. The first step you should consider is to define the kind of work you’re passionate about and the societal issue you want to dedicate your career to. At Afrikta, we’ve compiled a list of the top NGOs to work for in Kenya to help you in your journey.

Top Best NGOs to Work for in Kenya

What is an NGO and Its Importance?

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a nonprofit entity driven by a mission to serve the public interest, independent of any government. NGOs tackle various issues, such as humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and human rights. Their essential role lies in filling gaps where governments may not have the resources or reach to address some pressing concerns. As agents of change, NGOs bring hope, empowerment, and sustainable solutions to several communities globally.

1. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee is a global humanitarian firm that provides relief, rehabilitation, and support to refugees and people affected by conflict or natural disasters. In Kenya, the IRC has been a key player in assisting refugees fleeing neighboring countries, particularly Somalia and South Sudan. They have offered essential services such as healthcare, education, shelter, and livelihood support. 

The organization’s commitment to empowering women and girls is palpable through its programs that promote gender equality and women’s economic autonomy. Its tireless efforts in nurturing self-reliance and fortifying community resilience have made it one of the leading Humanitarian NGOs in Nairobi. To get in touch with them, visit their website at IRC Kenya.

2. Oxfam 

Oxfam, a luminary amongst international NGOs, combats poverty, inequality, and injustice. In Kenya, Oxfam has worked on multiple and diverse projects with issues related to water, sanitation, gender parity, and the cultivation of sustainable agriculture. Their sustainable agriculture initiatives have helped local farmers tremendously. Oxfam’s gender justice programs advocate for women’s rights and support women’s economic empowerment. The organization also engages in policy advocacy to influence positive change at the national and international levels.  Whether you wish to collaborate or want a deeper understanding of Oxfam’s endeavors, visit Oxfam Kenya.

3. Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps strives to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression worldwide by providing aid and support during humanitarian crises. Its programs in Kenya predominantly focus on food security, youth empowerment, and peacebuilding. Today, it is among the best NGOs to work for in Kenya. Should the spark of curiosity ignite in you to explore opportunities with Mercy Corps, visit now

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4. World Vision International

Among the top NGOs to work for in Kenya emerges World Vision International. It is a child-focused NGO committed to improving the lives of children and their communities. Their operations in Kenya emphasize education, healthcare, and economic development. For a more comprehensive insight, kindly visit

5. Save the Children Fund

If you are looking for one of the Top best NGOs to work for in Kenya, you should consider Save the Children. It is an organization that promotes children’s rights, protection, and well-being. In Kenya, the spectrum of their projects encompasses health, education, and child protection. To support or collaborate with Save the Children, visit


USAID, short for United States Agency for International Development, is a leading global development agency that drives development outcomes worldwide. Founded in November 1961, the organization is committed to eliminating extreme poverty across the globe while promoting the growth of resilient, democratic societies. In Kenya, USAID works to nurture the next generation of young leaders through initiatives like improving primary education, expanding education and employment opportunities, and providing life skills and leadership training to thousands of Kenyan school children and young adults throughout East Africa. To get in touch with USAID, visit

7. Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC)

KHRC, which stands for the Kenya Human Rights Commission, is a non-partisan and independent organization dedicated to promoting and safeguarding human rights, justice, and equality for all people in Kenya. They primarily focus on protecting civil, political, economic, and social rights and fighting for environmental justice. If you have any inquiries or wish to learn more about their work, please visit their website at It is among the top International NGOs in Nairobi.

8. Kenya Red Cross Society

The Kenya Red Cross Society is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency response, disaster preparedness, and community health services in Kenya. The society’s dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly to provide a wide range of humanitarian support, including ambulance services, first aid, blood donation, disaster response, and community health education. Also, it is one of the best-paying NGOs in Kenya. To reach out, visit Kenya Red Cross.


Working for an NGO can be a rewarding experience and a constructive way to contribute to society and create a positive impact. These are the top NGOs to work for in Kenya. They have made remarkable strides in improving the lives of people and communities in need. Whether you are passionate about humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, or human rights, these NGOs offer diverse opportunities for you to contribute to meaningful causes. By joining hands with any of these esteemed organizations, you can be part of the transformative journey towards a better Kenya and a better world.

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