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We will never emphasize enough. Africa is the most resourceful and one of the best continents in the world to do business. Africa’s economy is also among the fastest growing economies in the world. That is why business opportunities are increasing day by day. And Afrikta, via its African companies directory is here to help you get the best for your next projects in any African countries. It offers you the opportunity to find reliable suppliers, services providers, manufacturers, agents in various industries based in Africa.

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Whether you are an investor, businessman, corporate, NGO, entrepreneur, an individual interested in Africa, then Afrikta provides a refreshing perspective on business across Africa. Not only in the English language but also in French. Although African languages are numerous and diverse, the truth is that while doing business in Africa, the major languages that will serve you best are English and French. So there is no need to try learning a universal language specific to all African. Because there is none. Additionally, AFRIKTA is not only about business. It also provides useful articles that cover topics on African cultures, trends, tours & Safaris, etc. Because we believe that understanding business in Africa requires a better understanding of the context in which it operates. Through Afrikta’s Blog, you will find useful information and insights about different African countries.

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Afrikta cares deeply about the African continent as it has massive resources and the potential to develop itself. So, our goal is to make an impact on people’s businesses and lives in Africa. For African businesses, Afrikta platform provides the smartest solutions designed to help you grow not only locally but also in other African countries. We assist small, medium and large organizations in various industries including agriculture, building & construction, business services, law, technology and more. At Afrikta, we are determined to boost further African economies and build stronger communities. Welcome to AFRIKTA.

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