It is impossible to ignore the value of packaging in our life. It is an essential component, allowing businesses to present their product in a way that grabs attention and stands out from the competition. Good packaging communicates and creates an emotional connection with people. Moreover, it helps protect a product and ensure it arrives at the customer in good condition. A successful packaging strategy can help drive sales and increase brand loyalty. So, if you are looking for a packaging supplier who values your product and brand and does not just take your orders for granted, then this is for you. The following are the top packaging companies in South Africa that provide solutions to customers regardless of the industry.

List of Top Packaging Companies in South Africa

1. Constantia Afripack: Best flexible packaging company in South Africa

Being part of Constantia Flexibles, Constantia Afripack (Pty) Ltd specializes in manufacturing flexible packages. The company has its main markets in confectionary, soups and sauces, snacks, and HPC industries. Constantia Flexibles is one of the top producers of flexible packaging in the world that stands for superior positioning, cutting-edge technology, customer proximity, and effective production facilities. The firm produces custom packaging solutions at numerous locations across the globe. Many international companies and local market leaders from the consumer, personal & home care, and pharma industries choose the sustainable and innovative products of Constantia Flexibles.

2. Nampak Divfood: Best food packaging company 

Nampak is Africa’s leading food packaging manufacturer that has been listed on the JSE Limited (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) since 1969. The firm offers the most comprehensive product range and manufactures metal, glass, paper, and plastic packaging. Nampak operates from 19 sites in South Africa and 14 sites in the rest of Africa, contributing 32% to group revenue. The company has several divisions, each specializing in its distinct packaging materials, goods, and equipment. Nampak’s broad range of packaging options is mainly used in the food and beverage, household and industrial goods, cosmetics and toiletry, pharmaceutical and medical, and tobacco and cigarette industries.

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3. Moco Packaging CC: Cosmetic packaging company in South Africa

Moco Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging Moco

Moco Cosmetic Packaging is a well-established cosmetic packaging company in South Africa that focus on the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Mocco offers a wide selection of premium glass, plastic, and accessory products at affordable costs to meet practically all cosmetic packaging needs. Keeping up to date with modern technology, the company procures various new packaging items and components. Additionally, Moco Cosmetic Packaging sells several cosmetic accessories, such as nail, foot, and face accessories like buffers, sponges, brushes, tweezers, and more.

4. Tropic Plastic & Packaging Industry: Leading Plastic packaging company 

The late Mr. Ebrahim Bhabha developed and established Tropic Plastic & Packaging Industry in 1964. His goal was to offer premium packaging supplies at competitive prices with excellent customized service. It is a private family firm with main operations on the production of plain-grade low-density polyethylene packaging material. Today, Tropic Plastic has evolved into one of Southern Africa’s most advanced and well-equipped plastic packaging converters.
Through its leadership and improved technology, Tropic can handle a complete range of films and bags to fulfill customer requirements.

5. Mpact Group: Biggest packaging company in South Africa

As the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling company in South Africa, Mpact’s integrated business model is unique. It focuses on closing the loop in plastic and paper packaging through recycling and the beneficiation of recyclables. The company has operations in 44 locations throughout South Africa, including Namibia and Mozambique. In 2021 with over 5,115 staff, Mpact collected over 620,000 tonnes of paper and plastic recyclables from pre- and post-consumer sources and generated R11.5 billion of revenue.

6. Detpak South Africa PTY Ltd: Eco-friendly packaging manufacturer 

Detpak South Africa PTY Ltd: Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly Detpak Packaging

Detpak manufactures and provides the food service, retail & industrial markets with world-class paper packaging products. It is a company with an environmental focus that strives for improvements and innovations to sustain the environment. Everything that goes into manufacturing, Detpak products is assessed for its environmental impact. The firm only uses paper and board from large, reputable raw material suppliers, which means no old-growth forests are employed. It also keeps the use of inks and adhesives to a minimum and uses water-based inks and glues as a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products. Detpak is committed to using ethically sourced raw materials and disposing of its waste in line with Environmental Protection Agency-approved practices.
It is part of Detpak’s mission to develop practical, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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