Agriculture has always been one of the pillars of Nigeria’s economy. The future of agriculture in Nigeria relies on the collaboration between farmers and agricultural engineering companies as they work together to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in this vital sector. Moreover, Agricultural engineering companies are transforming the agricultural landscape by providing innovative solutions to modernize farming practices. They design and develop equipment, machinery, and systems that improve various aspects of farming, including crop production, irrigation, livestock management, and food processing. Today, AFRIKTA will explore the top agricultural engineering companies in Nigeria which are making significant contributions to the growth and sustainability of agriculture.

Top Agricultural Engineering Companies in Nigeria

Agricultural engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines principles of engineering, biology, chemistry, and agronomy to develop solutions that enhance agricultural productivity, sustainability, and efficiency. Nowadays, it is more critical than ever to harness the power of technology and innovation to meet the increasing demands of a growing population and address environmental challenges. Now, let’s dive into the top agricultural engineering companies in Nigeria that are pioneering advancements in this field:

1. Habgito Nigeria Limited

Habgito Nigeria Limited is a pioneering force in agricultural engineering in Nigeria, relentlessly dedicated to modernizing and optimizing farming practices. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and precision, this company has emerged as a beacon of progress in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape. Based in Lagos, the firm provides cutting-edge solutions in the agriculture industry. They specialize in designing and manufacturing precision farming equipment, including GPS-guided tractors and automated irrigation systems. With dedication and passion, Habgito helps Nigerian farmers increase yields while conserving resources.

Address: 3 Surulere Industrial Rd, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria | Phone: +234 908 630 1108 | Email:

2. Bennie Agro Ltd

Bennie Agro Ltd is a dynamic company renowned for its expertise and livestock farming equipment in Nigeria. With a mission to enhance farming efficiency, they specialize in innovative solutions such as automated feeders, climate control systems, and more. Their innovations have significantly improved the efficiency and productivity of Nigeria’s poultry and livestock industry. Bennie Agro’s contributions are vital in developing Nigeria’s poultry and livestock industry, making farming operations more productive and sustainable.

Address: Plot 56843, 930252, Jos, Plateau, Nigeria | Phone: +234 816 833 8730 | Email:

3. Bentonite Standard Machines and Resource Engineering

BSMR Engineering (Bentonite Standard Machines and Resource Engineering) is an agricultural engineering firm based in Nigeria that focuses on soil improvement and land reclamation. Recognizing the critical role soil quality plays in agricultural productivity, the company has made it its mission to enhance soil fertility and revitalize degraded lands for sustainable farming. Leveraging its experience in soil science and engineering, the company has developed innovative solutions that surpass traditional farming practices. Their commitment to addressing soil-related challenges has made them indispensable in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

Address: Vulcanizer b/stop, Ota, Nigeria | Phone: 09036044847 | Email:,

4. Niji Lukas Nigeria Limited

Niji Lukas Nigeria Limited is a leading provider of post-harvest solutions founded in 1994. They offer state-of-the-art food processing equipment, including grain dryers, milling machines, and packaging solutions. Their contributions to reducing post-harvest losses are invaluable to Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Moreover, their comprehensive range of food processing equipment, including grain dryers, milling machines, and packaging solutions, is designed to reduce post-harvest losses. By providing state-of-the-art technology, Niji Lukas contributes significantly to improving the efficiency and quality of Nigeria’s agricultural produce, benefiting both farmers and consumers.

Address: 10 Kufisile Street, Lagos, Nigeria | Phone: +234 803 706 6261 | Email:

5. Barnax Engineering Co. Nig. Ltd

Also known as BEC, Barnax Engineering Co. Nig. Ltd specializes in farm mechanization and developing affordable agricultural machinery. They have introduced cost-effective solutions such as power tillers and crop threshers, making modern farming practices accessible to smallholder farmers. Incorporated in 1981, Barnax Engineering started as a company focusing on sales and services of high-quality farming equipment. Today BEC is among the top agricultural engineering firms in Nigeria. The company plays a role in promoting agricultural modernization and increasing food production capacity in Nigeria.

Address: 172A Aba Road, P.M.B 5355, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. | Phone: +234 (0) 810-639-1800 | Email:


To summarize, these top agricultural engineering companies in Nigeria are driving the transformation of agriculture through innovation and technological advancements. They are shaping the future of Nigerian agriculture while contributing to the global effort to ensure a food-secure world. As Nigeria seeks to achieve agricultural self-sufficiency and economic growth, these companies remain instrumental in achieving those goals. By investing in agricultural engineering and supporting these companies, Nigeria can look forward to a future where farming is more productive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

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