The primary reason why AAR began its operations in 1984 was purely to provide evacuations of accident casualties. This was done both by road, using high end and reliable ambulances and by air. Currently, AAR is one of the top insurance companies offering a wide range of medical insurance products. Thanks to the increased membership and the large share of customer base they have. This was made possible by their ability to embrace the opportunities provided in the market, their flexibility to adopt to new innovations. Also, the readiness to always aspire to satisfy the ever-changing customer needs.
This saw AAR undertake tremendous growth over the years. Today, they can pride themselves as one of the leaders of the medical insurance across East Africa, with many branches and broker networks. It is also listed as a member of the Association of Kenya Insurers.

AAR Insurance Kenya Limited prides itself in offering the following products; Personal Accident Cover, Individual & Family Medical plans, Business Enterprise Medical Plans, Work Insurance Benefit Cover, Marine Insurance, Professional Indemnity cover, Home owners insurance cover, Travel Insurance cover, School Insurance Cover and Landlord Insurance cover. To get access to these services is very simple. As they have an online portal where you can register for free.


Resolution insurance was one of the leading companies to offer medical insurance way back in 2002. Which took a drastic change in 2013 and changed from Resolution health to Resolution insurance; which was the first company. This change enabled Resolution insurance Kenya enjoy a large market share when it came to health insurance; As it had already shown its capability to deal with medical related matters.
We all know that for one to be competitive, product diversification plays a big part. This company prides itself in offering a wide array of insurance products which includes; Medical Plans, Travel Plans, Liability Plans, Property Covers, Motor Covers and all other classes of General Insurance.

The goal of this company is to provide not only the insurance products to its large pool of consumers; But also making sure that these products are of more value regardless of their location and need. They do this putting in mind their greater vision of being leaders in the market when it comes to insurance. They are not only there to do business as usual, but also to deliver exceptional experience with all that engage with them.


Madison Insurance came into birth from the merger between Crusader Plc and KCIC in the year 1988. The company has survived throughout the years regardless of stiff competition and harsh economic conditions simply because it offers products with the most reasonable prices. To add on this, it has consistently maintained a good customer rapport over the years, thus enjoying a wide pool of loyal customers.

The protection and creation of wealth, and to lead towards the innovation of their insurance services is the mission that has seen the company achieve beyond expectations. Additionally, the company has the grand vision of being the top ranked service provider as long as insurance services are concerned. This they believe they will achieve by the constant provision of competitive products such as; Motor, Motor Commercial, Travel Insurance, Domestic Package and Marine Insurance.


First Assurance started with providing Life Assurance Business to its client under the Prudential Assurance Company LTD in 1930; Which later changed to providing General Insurance in 1974. It was in the year 1991 that the company experienced a change in ownership. And thus First Assurance Company Ltd came to birth.

Like most insurance companies, the aim of First Assurance is to prioritize on satisfying their client needs, through their mantra of Insure, Secure and Assure. This company prides itself in offering a mix of products to its customers as follows; Travel, Home Insurance, Medical Insurance, Personal Accident, Motor Insurance, Marine, Golfers, Political Violence and Terrorism, Blood Stock and Pet under the personal insurance package and Fire Class, Accident, Marine, Goods In Transit, Liabilities, Engineering, Group Life, Group Medical, Business Man Combined (SME Solutions) under the corporate package.


Despite of being a relatively new insurance company in the market, Xplico has established itself as one of the top insurance companies in Kenya. It understood that going beyond the normal insurance practices is what can give you that exponential growth. It has come up with insurance products that are unique. Also it has managed to customize these products according to the needs of the customers and the changing market trends.
Their approach to insurance service provision is one that is quite unique. For instance, for corporates, they work hand in hand with their risk management departments in bit of offering the best available cover. For businesses that are not doing well and have a bad debt reputation, Xplico insurance usually recommends avenues that will be able to work best for them, with the aim of reviving their businesses.