When it comes to mineral commodities, Africa is undoubtedly one of the most resource-abundant continents on the planet. From the diamond-rich mines of Southern Africa to the vast reserves of gold found in West Africa, the continent has been a cornerstone of global mineral mining and trade for centuries. It is estimated that 30% of the earth’s mineral resources are in the African continent. Minerals such as platinum, copper, iron ore, cobalt, bauxite, and others, are indispensable for modern infrastructure, technology, and manufacturing. Today, AFRIKTA profiles the top 10 mining companies in Africa. 

Top 10 Mining Companies in Africa

1. Glencore: Top Cobalt mining company in Africa (DRC)

As cobalt’s demand continues to rise due to its vital role in batteries for electric vehicles and various tech devices, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has long been the largest cobalt producer in the world, with 73% of global output in 2022. Glencore’s strategic presence in the DRC’s Katanga Province positions it as a key contributor to the growing green economy. Established in 1974, Glencore stands as one of the biggest cobalt mining companies in Congo, Africa. According to a report by Fastmarkets, Glencore achieved a 40% year-on-year increase in cobalt output during 2022 to a total of 43,800 Tonnes, which contributes significantly to the global cobalt supply chain.

Address: Immeuble Petit Pont, 123A Avenue de la Justice, Kinshasa- DRC | Email: gdrc.info@glencore.com

2. Gold Fields Limited: Top Gold mining company in Africa (South Africa)

Founded in 1887, Gold Fields Limited is among the top gold mining companies in Africa. The firm has an extensive experience and expertise in gold exploration and production in South Africa. With operations spanning multiple countries, the company boasts an annual gold production capacity of 2.40 million ounces, according to Gold Field’s annual financial report in 2022. Gold’s enduring value in financial markets and industrial applications underscores Gold Fields’ role in not only generating wealth but also supporting economic stability and social development in the regions where it operates.

Address: 150 Helen Road, Sandton, 2196, Johannesburg | Email: goldfields@tip-offs.com |Phone: +27 11 562 9700

3. Konkola Copper Mines: Top Copper mining company in Africa (Zambia)

As part of Vedanta Resources Plc, Konkola Copper Mines Plc, also known as KCM, is one of the top 10 mining companies in Africa. Founded in 1999 in Zambia, the company operates the Nchanga Copper Mine, which is among the biggest copper mines in Africa. Today KCM produces 2 million tons of copper ore per year. With operations spanning exploration, mining, smelting, and refining, the company contributes significantly to the globe’s copper production.

Address: Stand M/1408, Fern Avenue, Chingola, Zambia | Phone: +260 212 350 604 | Email: corporate.communications@kcm.co.zm

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4. Cogema Resources Inc-Orano Group: Largest Uranium mining company in Africa (Niger)

As a subsidiary of the Areva, a French company, Cogema Resources ((Compagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires) is the largest uranium mining company in Niger, a nation with significant uranium reserves, making it the largest producer of uranium in Africa. Today, Areva has become Orano Group, a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company headquartered in Hauts-de-Seine, France. The company is engaged in uranium mining in many countries. The name “Orano” is rooted in “uranium,” the core material utilized for creating nuclear fuel. With 16,000 employees, Orano generates an annual revenue of 4 billion euros (as of 2021). In Niger, Orano operates through its three subsidiaries: SOMAÏR, COMINAK, and IMOURAREN. Notably, SOMAÏR has been actively mining uranium deposits in northwestern Niger since 1971.

The company’s operations contribute to the global nuclear fuel supply chain, powering energy production and medical applications. 

Address: BP 12910, Niamey, Niger

5. Anglo American Platinum: Top Platinum mining company in Africa (South Africa)

Established in 1995, Anglo American Platinum is a cornerstone of South Africa’s mining heritage. The company is one of the biggest platinum producers in south africa and the largest producer of platinum globally. Operating across the entire platinum group metals value chain, the firm’s endeavors extend from exploration and mining to refining and marketing. Its commitment to sustainable mining practices and investment in technological innovations highlights its pivotal role in the precious metals sector. 

Address: 144 Oxford Road Rosebank Melrose South Africa | Phone: +27 (0)11 373 6111 | Email: PlatinumIR@angloamerican.com

6. De Beers Group: Biggest Diamond mining company in Africa (Botswana)

Renowned as the largest diamond mining company, the De Beers Group has deep roots in Botswana, a country known for being one of the top diamond-producing countries in Africa. The company’s joint venture with the government of Botswana, known as Debswana, reflects a successful partnership that facilitates diamond mining and contributes to socioeconomic development through revenue-sharing initiatives.  Founded in 1888, De Beers Group is today the largest diamond mining company in Africa.

Address: Private Bag 00380 Gaborone Botswana | Phone: +267 (0) 371 6400  

7. Ambatovy: Biggest Nickel mining company in Africa (Madagascar)

Located in Madagascar, Ambatovy is a pivotal player in the global nickel supply chain. The Ambatovy mining project exploits one of the largest lateritic nickel mines in the world, with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of nickel.  According to The African Development Bank (AfDB), the nickel mining project aims to support the Government of Madagascar in expanding Madagascar’s export base, which currently relies almost exclusively on textiles and agri-food. With its commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement, Ambatovy sets an example for responsible resource development while contributing to the global supply of nickel, a vital component in various industrial applications. Today it is among the top 10 companies in Africa.

Address: Immeuble Tranofitaratra 6è étage Rue Ravoninahitriniarivo Ankorondrano, Madagascar | Phone: +261 32 33 665 65 | Email: sales@ambatovy.mg

8. United Company RUSAL: Top Bauxite mining company in Africa (Guinea)

Undoubtedly, Bauxite mineral is the best material for making aluminum metal. With operations in Guinea, the Russian firm, United Company RUSAL, plays a significant role in the bauxite mining industry. The company produces 3.5 million metric tons of bauxite per annum, positioning Guinea as a major exporter of bauxite, supplying raw materials essential for aluminum production. The focus of RUSAL on technology-driven mining practices underscores its commitment to efficiency and sustainability in the bauxite supply chain.

Address: Kindia, Guinea | Phone: +224 623 23 01 43 | Email: documents@rusal.com 

9. Kumba Iron Ore: Largest Iron Ore producer in Africa (South Africa)

Based in South Africa, Kumba Iron Ore is the fifth largest iron-ore producer in the world and the largest in Africa. With extensive mining operations in the Northern Cape Province, Kumba’s high-quality iron ore supplies domestic and international markets, fostering economic growth and infrastructure development. According to Reuters, Kumba has an annual iron ore production capacity of 39 to 41 million Tonnes, which supports not only the domestic but also the international steel manufacturing industry.

10. Vulcan International: Top Coal mining company in Africa (Mozambique)

Vulcan Mozambique ranks as a top coal mining company in the region. The company stands out for being the largest mining company in Mozambique and the biggest employer in the country. Its contributions to the coal industry are vital to energy generation and industrial processes.  Moreover, according to the Top 100 Companies Survey 2022, conducted by KPMG, Vulcan has made 72.8 billion meticals in business. This impressive achievement has moved the company up to the top spot from its previous position.

Address: Rua dos Desportistas, nº 833, Edifício Jat V-1, 10º andar, Maputo| Phone: + 258 21 243200/01 | Email: info@vulcaninternational.com


With its vast and diverse geological landscape, Africa boasts a remarkable wealth of valuable minerals that play a crucial role in various industries globally.  Despite all its potential, most nations of Africa derive little benefit from their natural resources.  Corruption, lack of policies on wealth management, poor resource allocation, exploitation, and political instability are some factors that affect the continent.  These problems need to be solved to enable African nations to benefit from the abundant resources in their hands. 

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