When it comes to business marketing, then advertising is one of the best ways to go. Whether it is to promote a new product or launching new services, numerous options are available nowadays. From television advertising to newspaper advertisement and digital marketing, just to mention a few. In this very competitive world, companies are looking for the best ways to get their business out of the shadow and increase profits. Today, we focus on television, which is one of the oldest mediums of advertisement. How efficient is Tv advertising in this era of smartphones and new technology? What are the pros & cons of television advertising? Because understanding the advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right decision for your next business marketing campaign.

Pros of Advertising on Television

1. Reach Extensive Audience With TV Advertising

TV advertising reaches large audience
Large Audience Reach

Firstly, there is no doubt that advertising on television is the best way the reach extensive audience for any business. Because TV has the power to get your brand in front of millions of people in no time. just a few seconds with a single ad spot and it is done. This is a gold mine opportunity for corporates. For ages, this tool has been one of the most powerful and efficient platforms to reach mass audiences in such a short period of time. Up to date, there is no other mean of advertisement that can beat Tv on that. And big companies have been relying on TV over the years to access larger markets.

2. TV Advertisement Brings Trust & Credibility


Watching TV has always been among the most common leisure activities of many people. This is a fact that no one can deny. That is why television is the most credible brand awareness channel. So, another advantage of advertising on television is that people and potential customers trust easily offers or brands displayed on TV ads. Whether you run a small, medium or big organization, visual ads give the chance to show your business. Sometimes, the lack of a visual when advertising a business can undermine the marketing strategy. Because people trust more when they can see.  Additionally, statistics have shown that 60 percent of potential customers are likely to purchase after seeing an advert on TV compared to other platforms.

3. The TV Has Powerful Impact On Consumers

advertising on television
Powerful influence on Consumers

Television does not only have an extensive reach but also provides the advantage of combining visual, sound, movement and color, to convince clients to buy specific products or services. It is very useful when you need to demonstrate how your product or business service works. So, for dragging attention and influencing consumers decisions, advertising on TV is the best way to go. No other platforms can have such a powerful impact on customers decision making as TV can.

Cons of Advertising on TV

a. Inability to Target Specific Consumers

inability of tv ads to target audience
Target Audience

One of the limitations or cons of advertising on tv is, the inability to target a specific group of consumers. Sometimes you may want to target people based on their interest, gender, location, age or a certain segment of the market. TV adverts do not have this easiness to customize its reached audience for better results. However, this is achievable nowadays with diverse online platforms available. Including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, search engine and more using different data sets to make it. This is the beauty and power of digital marketing. Online adverts are all proven tools to optimize your marketing effort, by showing your brand to the right customers.

b. Most Expensive Marketing Platform

very expensive advertisement tool
Expensive Advertisement Tool

Certainly, TV adverts provide a more intimate approach than any other means of marketing available nowadays. However, advertising on Tv is also one of the most expensive marketing means in the world. Even if tv advertising rates vary from one place to another, the truth is, this kind of ad is not for everyone. Especially for small business owners. Because, successful TV advertising requires a well-written script, good actors, time and other resources to produce the best results. All of these factors significantly affect the final cost. The price may even increase if the ad runs during prime viewing hours, or repeatedly for maximum results. And this is something, most small business owners cannot afford. Moreover, it is very hard to update or change anything once the ad is launched. As it will require more money.

c. TV Advertising in Decline

 decline of television
Tv ads on the decline

Believe it or not. but the truth is the tv advertisement is declining since the arrival of new technologies. Actually, it is going out to date. This is another big disadvantage of tv advertising.  In this era of digital technology, driven by smartphones, the internet, social media, etc most people are dropping Tv gradually. They are all moving forward to embrace this revolution that completely changed our daily lives. The digital era has really shifted our lifestyle more than ever before. So if you are looking for long term advertisement and targeting the new generations then online marketing is the best option. As it is there to stay.

Written By AFRIKTA Team