Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Afrikta. We welcome guest contributors from all over the world. Afrikta is the leading business listing across Africa. We help small, medium, and large organizations in Africa to reach more customers locally and globally. Besides that, we offer an opportunity for industry leaders, business owners, digital marketers, and publishers to interact with our community by sharing their expertise in diverse fields through guest posts submission. Also, we encourage manufacturing companies, distributors, wholesalers, or service providers to write articles about their industry or share cool tips regarding the services they provide. We’ll love to publish valuable and original contents on our blog and share them with our audience. This will give you more visibility and will help promote your brand.

Our Requirements

We’re always looking for awesome contributors who want to share interesting posts that teach our readers something new, related to our business listing categories, not only in Africa but also worldwide. If you think you can do so while adding value to our blog, then we would love to hear from you. Submit your most informative article to Afrikta today for immediate review. Before doing so, kindly review our guest posts submission guidelines below.

Guest posts submission guidelines on Afrikta

  • No duplicate content: We are looking for content that has never been published on our blog or on another website before. In other terms, the content must be 100% original. Also, when submitting your draft, please make sure it is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes, as this will greatly speed up our editing process.
  • Length: At least 600 words per article. The longer, the better.
  • Topic category: Your topic must be relevant to one of the categories below. Additionally, the topic should not be offensive to any company or inaccurate.
  • Links: We love references and outside sources whether it is a text or image link as long as there are related to the topic. We also welcome embeddable videos.
  • Editing: Afrikta’s editors will review your article before it is published on the blog. Some slight changes may be done to suit the blog’s style and also by adding links to internal resources.
  • Bio: Please include a 2-3 sentence brief introduction about yourself or your company so that you can be properly credited on Afrikta. You can also include your website or blog link in the biography.

Below are guest post categories that we accept on Afrikta blog:

  • Business
  • Construction & Equipment
  • Education & training
  • Home Improvement
  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Travel & Restaurant
  • Technology & internet

Afrikta blog welcomes guest articles from a wide range of categories. So If you have the right writing skills then feel free to send your post to Once your article is approved, we shall let you know within a couple of days of receipt.

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