The Land of the Pharaohs isn’t just famous for its ancient wonders.  It is also a burgeoning hub for software development and innovation. For years, Egypt has been making remarkable strides in the world of technology, with software companies at the forefront of this digital transformation.  Whether you are an aspiring developer seeking opportunities or a business owner looking for top-notch tech solutions, AFRIKTA has you covered. Today, we will explore the best software companies in Egypt. From cutting-edge solutions to innovation hubs, discover how these tech gems are shaping Egypt’s digital landscape.

Top Best Software Companies in Egypt

1. ITWorx 


Company ITWorx

ITWorx is one of the best software companies in Egypt, leading the way in the IT industry since 1994.  The company’s focus on digital transformation has enabled it to offer a diverse range of services, including cutting-edge software development, AI integration, cloud computing, and data analytics. ITWorx also places a strong emphasis on user-centric design, ensuring that its solutions are not only functional but also user-friendly.  The company has also expanded its reach beyond Egypt, serving clients across the globe. ITWorx is undoubtedly a reliable partner for businesses across various industries looking to thrive in the digital age.

Address: Nasr City, Free Zone, Area 7B, Cairo, Egypt | Phone: +20 2 2673 6111 

2. Valeo

Valeo-best software companies in Egypt

Company Valeo

Valeo is another gem in Egypt’s software industry crown. Established in 1997, this company has gained recognition for its software development prowess in the automotive industry. While focusing on developing software solutions for the automotive sector, Valeo invests heavily in research and development, ensuring it stays ahead of the curve in automotive technology. What sets Valeo apart from others is its commitment to automotive innovation, as its contributions to the industry have earned it a reputation as a pioneer in automotive software development. The firm is also dedicated to sustainability and green technologies, aligning its innovations with the future of transportation.

Address: Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate 3650105, Egypt | Phone: +20 2 35328000

3. Enozom Software

Enozom Software

Company Enozom Software

Egypt-based Enozom is a highly proficient software development company that offers a wide range of software services including web development, web design, mobile app development, and software testing to businesses of all sizes. Their unwavering dedication to quality has made them one of the top IT companies in Egypt. The company’s ability to create custom software solutions for organizations globally sets it apart from its competitors. With an extensive portfolio of services that cater to diverse industries, Enozom has become a versatile and reliable player in the software arena.

Address: 2 Rasmi Basha Street, Alexandria, Egypt| Phone: +203 5866344 | Email: 

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4. Code95


Company Code95

Code95 is a top-notch software development company in Egypt offering e-commerce, web development, and digital marketing solutions. Its expertise in e-commerce and active community involvement makes it an exceptional partner for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2012, Code95 has rapidly climbed the ranks of the Egyptian tech scene. The company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, user-friendly solutions that cater to various industries. Moreover, the firm actively engages with the local tech community, promoting knowledge sharing and innovation. 

Address: Ring Road, 32/A El-Mazadat, 41516 | Email: | Phone: +20 12 79595950 

5. Link Development

Link Development-Best software companies in Egypt

Company Link Development

Link Development is a software company with a global footprint, founded in 1996. It is today one of the top software development companies in Egypt that offers various software solutions to diverse sectors. Such as finance, healthcare, and education, helping organizations in their digital transformation journeys. Also, integrating artificial intelligence and IoT technologies into their solutions. Thanks to its wider reach, Link Development serves a diverse clientele across multiple countries, which showcases its global influence. Moreover, the company houses an innovation center dedicated to exploring emerging technologies and trends, making it a pioneer in innovation.

Address: 13, Street 23, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt | Email: | Phone: +20 225295800 | 

Why Choose Egyptian Software Companies?

Now that we’ve introduced you to some of Egypt’s top software companies, you might wonder why you should consider them for your software development needs. Here are some compelling reasons:

a. Cost-Effective Solutions: Most software companies in Egypt offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality.  Customers can get top-notch solutions at affordable rates.

b. Skilled Workforce: Egypt boasts a pool of highly skilled IT professionals who are proficient in various programming languages and technologies. You can tap into this talent pool for your projects.

c. Cultural Compatibility: Egypt’s geographic location and cultural affinity with Europe and the Middle East make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for offshore development partners.

d. Quality Assurance: Many Egyptian software companies adhere to international quality standards, ensuring that your projects are delivered with the highest quality and reliability.

e. Innovation: Egypt’s software industry is marked by innovation, with companies constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to solve complex business challenges.


As the demand for software development continues to surge, Egypt is at the forefront of technological advancement. With a growing pool of talented developers, government support, and commitment to excellence, these top software companies deliver exceptional results for any software project.  So, whether you need custom software development, mobile applications, or specialized solutions in your industry, consider Egypt as your next destination for top-notch software solutions, and you won’t be disappointed.

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